What is the DIN 47100 Core Colour Chart

DIN47100 is a German DIN standard for the identification of individual cores by colour-coding for telecommunications cables. It was withdrawn in 1998 without a replacement, however it remains widely used and referenced within the cable industry. 

DIN47100 core colour identification table for telecoms cables

Core Number Colour Core Number Colour
1 White (WH) 31 Green-Blue (GNBL)
2 Brown (BR) 32 Yellow-Blue (YWBL)
3 Green (GN) 33 Green-Red (GNRD)
4 Yellow (YW) 34 Yellow-Red (YWRD)
5 Grey (GR) 35 Green-Black (GNBK)
6 Pink (PK) 36 Yellow-Black (YWBK)
7 Blue (BL) 37 Grey-Blue (GRBL)
8 Red (RD) 38 Pink-Blue (PKBL)
9 Black (BK) 39 Grey-Red (GRRD)
10 Violet (VI) 40 Pink-Red (PKRD)
11 Grey-Pink (GRPK) 41 Grey-Black (GRBK)
12 Red-Blue (RDBL) 42 Pink-Black (PKBK)
13 White-Green (WHGN) 43 Blue-Black (BLBK)
14 Brown-Green (BRGN) 44 Red-Black (RDBK)
15 White-Yellow (WHYW) 45 White-Brown-Black (WHBNBK)
16 Yellow-Brown (YWBN) 46 Yellow-Green-Black (YWGNBK)
17 White-Grey (WHGR) 47 Grey-Pink-Black (GRPKBK)
18 Grey-Brown (GRBN) 48 Red-Blue-Black (RDBLBK)
19 White-Pink (WHPK) 49 White-Green-Black (WHGNBK)
20 Pink-Brown (PKBN) 50 Brown-Green-Black (BNGNBK)
21 White-Blue (WHBL) 51 White-Yellow-Black (WHYWBK)
22 Brown-Blue (BNBL) 52 Yellow-Brown-Black (YWBNBK)
23 White-Red (WHRD) 53 White-Grey-Black (WHGRBK)
24 Brown-Red (BNRD) 54 Grey-Brown-Black (GRBNBK)
25 White-Black (WHBK) 55 White-Pink-Black (WHPKBK)
26 Brown-Black (BNBK) 56 Pink-Brown-Black (PKBNBK)
27 Grey-Green (GRGN) 57 White-Blue-Black (WHBLBK)
28 Yellow-Grey (YWGR) 58 Brown-Blue-Black (BNBLBK)
29 Pink-Green (PKGN) 59 White-Red-Black (WHRDBK)
30 Yellow-Pink (YWPK) 60 Brown-Red-Black (BNRDBK)


According to DIN47100, the insulation of the cores is either one solid colour (for up to 10 cores), striped along the length (for 11 to 44 cores), or using three colours (45 to 60 cores).

The first colour in the DIN 47100 German colour code chart is the colour of the base insulation. The second and/or third ones are either longitudinal stripe or printed rings.

If you require any further assistance with insulation colour coding for telecoms cables or other cable products, please speak to our technical experts who will be pleased to assist.

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