The Experts in Medium Voltage Cables

"MV cables cover a range of industries, whether it's DNO, power distribution, Rail, Data Centres, EV, all domestic and commercial projects. There's a number of considerations to be taken in mind with MV cables based merely on the amount of options there are.

You need to consider where you're going to be installing it - internally, externally... fixed installation or a flexible installation... Different types of sheath - PVC, MDPE; Different types of conductor - is it Copper, is it Aluminium; Different types of water ingress protection; Mechanical protection... Different applications, different systems.

It's really about balancing the performance requirements, the installation design, and the environmental conditions.

The specification matters from a sustainability point of view too. Get the specification right and you've got a cable that's going to last you decades - less strain on the system, less maintenance you'll need to do, and less likelihood of premature failure.

Going in and repairing a circuit that's been specified incorrectly is massively costly. It makes more sense to take the time, early doors, to specify it correctly. And this is where we come in, and our technical team and all our sales people are fully trained to help with that. What makes Eland experts in MV and the perfect specification partner in the MV area is our people. We really have a wealth of experience of dealing with projects on a large scale. We would look at your application, your system, and the environment you're going to install that in, and we would balance that up to give you the right cable for your system.

One area where we've been able to add a bit more peace of mind is through our MV Cable Lab, where we rigorously test all the cables. It has the highest international accreditations in IECEE CBTL and UKAS ISO/IEC 17025; this coupled with testing under the BSI Verification Kitemarked is an additional assurance for our customers. And that, coupled with the fact we can go out to site, look at an installation and assess that - if it's done correctly or highlight any issues that may occur - puts us in a really good position to be able to guide our clients.

Alongside our ability to work on projects early at the specification stage with clients, and manage the schedule to achieve that project, we have also expanded our MV range and we hold the majority of sizes in stock which we can deliver last minute should it be required on a project, with our fleet.

We're all looking for sustainable operations. We're on a journey to Net Zero: reducing our emissions, calculating the embodied carbon, and supporting wider ESG goals. We're here to collaborate with our customers - to make nature-net-positive gains and provide all the documentation they need for their projects.

We all genuinely care. You need to have care, commitment, you need to be engaged with your customer - you need to understand what that customer really is about, what are the pressures they're facing, what are the challenges they're facing - and if you can understand that you can deliver them an experience that they would not get anywhere else."


Focused on sustainability? Talk to us about embodied carbon and sustainable procurement. We can supply Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

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