Thermocouple Cable

This thermocouple extension cable is a thermocouple cable identified by the letter X (e.g. for type K cable KX). This extension grade wire is only used to extend a thermocouple signal from a probe back to the instrument reading the signal. They are commonly used in many industrial applications such as temperature sensors in gas turbines but also have laboratory and domestic applications. The extension grade thermocouple wire typically has a lower ambient temperature limit than thermocouple, meaning it may pass a signal representing a higher temperature as received from the probe, but the wire itself may not be physically exposed to higher temperatures.

Thermocouple extension cables are paired conductors, with each conductor being made of a different material - Eland Cables' thermocouple is the most common Type K variety, where the positive conductor is Chromel alloy (abbreviated as NiCr and with green numbered insulation) and the negative is Alumel (NiAl and with white insulation). This is in accordance with the colour coding of IEC 60584-3. Other conductor combinations are available upon request. They have a nominal voltage of 300/500V and an operating range of -30°C to +105°C.

The pairs are individually and collectively screened with an aluminium polyester tape before being sheathed in a flame retardant PVC. Thermocouple extension cables are available in 2 pair, 4 pair and 8 pair as standard.



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Construction Table

  Thermocouple Cable Cross Section Thermocouple Cable



Pairs: One each of Chromel (NiCr) and Alumel (NiAl)


PVC-FR (Polyvinyl Chloride Flame Retardant)


Al/PET (Aluminium / Polyester Tape)


Tinned Copper


PET (Polyester Tape)


PVC-FR (Polyvinyl Chloride - Flame Retardant)

Thermocouple Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Thermocouple Cable B3K02P000005 2 0.5 Green
Thermocouple Cable B3K04P000005 4 0.5 Green
Thermocouple Cable B3K08P000005 8 0.5 Green