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RV-K Cable

The RV-K cable is for power distribution and is suitable for all types of Low Voltage (LV) industrial-type connections, including urban grids and building installations with a voltage rating of 600/1000V. It is made in accordance with IEC 60502-1 and UNE 21123-2

RV-K Cable Specification

The high flexibility of the RV-K Cable with its Class 5 Copper conductors makes cable routing for installation process substantially easier and, as a result, is particularly suitable for use in difficult layouts.
It can be buried or installed in conduit as well as outdoors without requiring additional protection - subject to national regulations. The RV-K cable withstands damp conditions. The PVC outer sheath of the RV-K cable is  flame retardant in accordance with EN 60332-1 and the XLPE insulation provides an operating temperature range of -15oC to +90oC.

RV-K Cable Sizes from stock

Available as a single core or multi-core cable (from 2-core to 7-core and above), the RV-K has a wide range of core sizes available from stock for immediate delivery. CPR compliant, we are increasingly seeing this cable specified in the UK as well as across Europe. For more information see the attached datasheet.

Our wider portfolio of low voltage power cables also include the RZ1-K cable, a LSZH flexible cable, and the RZ1MZ1-K armoured cable. For advice on the most appropriate cable for your application, please speak to our technical team.

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Construction Table

  RV-K Cable CS RV-K Cable



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

RV-K Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
RV-K CableA9R0102512.5Black
RV-K CableA9R0104014Black
RV-K CableA9R0106016Black
RV-K CableA9R0110110Black
RV-K CableA9R0116116Black
RV-K CableA9R0125125Black
RV-K CableA9R0135135Black
RV-K CableA9R0150150Black
RV-K CableA9R0170170Black
RV-K CableA9R0195195Black
RV-K CableA9R011201120Black
RV-K CableA9R011501150Black
RV-K CableA9R011851185Black
RV-K CableA9R012401240Black
RV-K CableA9R013001300Black
RV-K CableA9R014001400Black
RV-K CableA9R015001500Black
RV-K CableA9R0201521.5Black
RV-K CableA9R0202522.5Black
RV-K CableA9R0204024Black
RV-K CableA9R0206026Black
RV-K CableA9R0210210Black
RV-K CableA9R0216216Black
RV-K CableA9R0225225Black
RV-K CableA9R0235235Black
RV-K CableA9R0250250Black
RV-K CableA9R0270270Black
RV-K CableA9R0295295Black
RV-K CableA9R021202120Black
RV-K CableA9R0211502150Black
RV-K CableA9R021852185Black
RV-K CableA9R022402240Black
RV-K CableA9R0301531.5Black
RV-K CableA9R0302532.5Black
RV-K CableA9R0304034Black
RV-K CableA9R0306036Black
RV-K CableA9R0310310Black
RV-K CableA9R0316316Black
RV-K CableA9R0325325Black
RV-K CableA9R0335335Black
RV-K CableA9R0350350Black
RV-K CableA9R0370370Black
RV-K CableA9R0395395Black
RV-K CableA9R031203120Black
RV-K CableA9R031503150Black
RV-K CableA9R031853185Black
RV-K CableA9R032403240Black
RV-K CableA9R0401541.5Black
RV-K CableA9R0402542.5Black
RV-K CableA9R0404044Black
RV-K CableA9R0406046Black
RV-K CableA9R0410410Black
RV-K CableA9R0416416Black
RV-K CableA9R0425425Black
RV-K CableA9R0435435Black
RV-K CableA9R0450450Black
RV-K CableA9R0470470Black
RV-K CableA9R0495495Black
RV-K CableA9R041204120Black
RV-K CableA9R041504150Black
RV-K CableA9R041854185Black
RV-K CableA9R042404240Black
RV-K CableA9R0501551.5Black
RV-K CableA9R0502552.5Black
RV-K CableA9R0504054Black
RV-K CableA9R0506056Black
RV-K CableA9R0510510Black
RV-K CableA9R0516516Black
RV-K CableA9R0525525Black
RV-K CableA9R0535535Black
RV-K CableA9R0550550Black
RV-K CableA9R0570570Black
RV-K CableA9R0595595Black
RV-K CableA9R0551205120Black
RV-K CableA9R051505150Black