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H05Z-U and H07Z-U Cable

The H05Z-U and H07Z-U cables are Class 1 solid copper variants of the 2491B H05Z-K/H07Z-K cable (Class 5 flexible stranded) and the 6491B H07Z-R cable (Class 2 stranded).

H05Z-U / H07Z-U Cable Specification

These cables are designed for panel wiring and suitable for fixed installation in dry, clean environments where used in conduit and trunking. Whilst the solid copper conductors reduce the flexibility of this cable, the conductor cross-sectional sizes are small enough for there to remain a reasonable degree of leeway in routing these cables into position.

As single core cables with Low Smoke Zero Halogen insulation, they are suitable for installations where consideration is given in the event of fire to both sensitive equipment and the safe evacuation of people.

Both the H05Z-U and H07Z-U cables hold CPR compliance.

H05Z-U / H07Z-U Cable Sizes and Voltage Ratings

H05Z-U has a voltage rating of 300/500V and applies to conductor cross-sectional sizes of 1mm2 and under. The H07Z-U, available from sizes 1.5mm2 to 10mm2, is rated 450/750V. As with the H07Z-R Class 2 and H07Z-K Class 5 cable variants, this single insulated Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable is available in a range of colours.

In addition to these LSZH cables, they are also PVC equivalents - H07V-K 6491X and H05V-R/H07V-R 2491X - and with EVA Rubber insulation H05G-U/H05G-K.

Should you need help navigating specification or have any technical questions surround the cables in your electrical installation, please feel free to contact our Technical Hotline for support.

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Construction Table

  CS H05Z U H05Z-U Cable CS H05Z U H07Z-U Cable




Class 1 solid Copper


Low Smoke Zero Halogen

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

H05Z-U and H07Z-U Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
H05Z-U CableB1ZBK0000510.5Black
H05Z-U CableB1ZBK0007510.75Black
H05Z-U CableB1ZBK001011Black
H05Z-U CableB1ZBL0000510.5Blue
H05Z-U CableB1ZBL0007510.75Blue
H05Z-U CableB1ZBL001011Blue
H05Z-U CableB1ZBN0000510.5Brown
H05Z-U CableB1ZBN0007510.75Brown
H05Z-U CableB1ZBN001011Brown
H05Z-U CableB1ZGY0000510.5Green/Yellow
H05Z-U CableB1ZGY0007510.75Green/Yellow
H05Z-U CableB1ZGY001011Green/Yellow
H05Z-U CableB1ZGR0000510.5Grey
H05Z-U CableB1ZGR0007510.75Grey
H05Z-U CableB1ZGR001011Grey
H05Z-U CableB1ZOR0000510.5Orange
H05Z-U CableB1ZOR0007510.75Orange
H05Z-U CableB1ZOR001011Orange
H05Z-U CableB1ZPK0000510.5Pink
H05Z-U CableB1ZPK0007510.75Pink
H05Z-U CableB1ZPK001011Pink
H05Z-U CableB1ZRD0000510.5Red
H05Z-U CableB1ZRD0007510.75Red
H05Z-U CableB1ZRD001011Red
H05Z-U CableB1ZVI0000510.5Violet
H05Z-U CableB1ZVI0007510.75Violet
H05Z-U CableB1ZVI001011Violet
H05Z-U CableB1ZWH0000510.5White
H05Z-U CableB1ZWH0007510.75White
H05Z-U CableB1ZWH001011White
H05Z-U CableB1ZYW0000510.5Yellow
H05Z-U CableB1ZYW0007510.75Yellow
H05Z-U CableB1ZYW001011Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZBK001511.5Black
H07Z-U CableB1ZBK002512.5Black
H07Z-U CableB1ZBK004014Black
H07Z-U CableB1ZBK006016Black
H07Z-U CableB1ZBK010110Black
H07Z-U CableB1ZBL001511.5Blue
H07Z-U CableB1ZBL002512.5Blue
H07Z-U CableB1ZBL004014Blue
H07Z-U CableB1ZBL006016Blue
H07Z-U CableB1ZBL010110Blue
H07Z-U CableB1ZBN001511.5Brown
H07Z-U CableB1ZBN002512.5Brown
H07Z-U CableB1ZBN004014Brown
H07Z-U CableB1ZBN006016Brown
H07Z-U CableB1ZBN010110Brown
H07Z-U CableB1ZGY001511.5Green/Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZGY002512.5Green/Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZGY004014Green/Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZGY006016Green/Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZGY010110Green/Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZGR001511.5Grey
H07Z-U CableB1ZGR002512.5Grey
H07Z-U CableB1ZGR004014Grey
H07Z-U CableB1ZGR006016Grey
H07Z-U CableB1ZGR010110Grey
H07Z-U CableB1ZOR001511.5Orange
H07Z-U CableB1ZOR002512.5Orange
H07Z-U CableB1ZOR004014Orange
H07Z-U CableB1ZOR006016Orange
H07Z-U CableB1ZOR010110Orange
H07Z-U CableB1ZPK001511.5Pink
H07Z-U CableB1ZPK002512.5Pink
H07Z-U CableB1ZPK004014Pink
H07Z-U CableB1ZPK006016Pink
H07Z-U CableB1ZPK010110Pink
H07Z-U CableB1ZRD001511.5Red
H07Z-U CableB1ZRD002512.5Red
H07Z-U CableB1ZRD004014Red
H07Z-U CableB1ZRD006016Red
H07Z-U CableB1ZRD010110Red
H07Z-U CableB1ZVI001511.5Violet
H07Z-U CableB1ZVI002512.5Violet
H07Z-U CableB1ZVI004014Violet
H07Z-U CableB1ZVI006016Violet
H07Z-U CableB1ZVI010110Violet
H07Z-U CableB1ZWH001511.5White
H07Z-U CableB1ZWH002512.5White
H07Z-U CableB1ZWH004014White
H07Z-U CableB1ZWH006016White
H07Z-U CableB1ZWH010110White
H07Z-U CableB1ZYW001511.5Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZYW002512.5Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZYW004014Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZYW006016Yellow
H07Z-U CableB1ZYW010110Yellow