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Curly Flex Cables

Our Curly Flex cables, often referred to as spiral cables, are curled, extendable, flexible mains cables for use with domestic/commercial applications .

Curly Flex Voltage Rating and Materials

The Curly Flex cable has a voltage rating of 300/500V. They are available with a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) sheath or with a Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) sheath where a more robust cable is required. The cords can be extended up to five times their coiled length. 

Curly Flex Specification & Applications

Curly Flex PVC Cable For use in domestic appliances, ceiling to display, cash desk equipment and indoor lighting features. This cable has a temperature rating of -5oC to +60oC
Curly Flex TPR Cable Intended for use in machinery, lifting platforms, conveyor and transport belts, agricultural equipment, construction machinery or trucks with high chemical, thermal, or mechanical stress. This cable has a temperature rating of 0oC to +70oC
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Construction Table

  Curly Flex PVC Cable CS Curly Flex PVC Cable Curly Flex TPR Cable CS Curly Flex TPR Cable



Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber)

Curly Flex Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Length (coiled/extended) Sheath colour Quantity  
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C3075PVB15-4530.75mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C3010PVB15-4531mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C3015PVB15-4531.5mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C3025PVB15-4532.5mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C4075PVB15-4540.75mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C4010PVB15-4541mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C4015PVB15-4541.5mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C4025PVB15-4542.5mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C5075PVB15-4550.75mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C5010PVB15-4551mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C5015PVB15-4551.5mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C5025PVB15-4552.5mm²4500Black
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C3075PVW15-4530.75mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C3010PVW15-4531mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C3015PVW15-4531.5mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C3025PVW15-4532.5mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C4075PVW15-4540.75mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C4010PVW15-4541mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C4015PVW15-4541.5mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C4025PVW15-4542.5mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C5075PVW15-4550.75mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C5010PVW15-4551mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C5015PVW15-4551.5mm²4500White
Curly Flex PVC CableA2C5025PVW15-4552.5mm²4500White
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C3075TPR1-530.75mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C3010TPR1-531mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C3015TPR1-531.5mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C3025TPR1-532.5mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C4075TPR1-540.75mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C4010TPR1-541mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C4015TPR1-541.5mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C4025TPR1-542.5mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C5075TPR1-550.75mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C5015TPR1-551.5mm²5000Black
Curly Flex TPR CableA2C5025TPR1-552.5mm²5000Black