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(N)GRDGOU is a crane cable providing power and control at a voltage rating of 300/500V. Commonly used in festoon systems for overhead gantries and industrial handling equipment, and in heavy-duty container cranes. This has applications across heavy industry, including mining and ship-to-shore marine loading.

The (N)GRDGOU has a rugged and robust rubber outer sheathing to protect the conductors during repeated flexing, and a tinned copper wire braid to provide electromagnetic screening for control signals in close proximity to power cables. As with all crane cables, the (N)GRDGOU can operate under mechanical stress with torsional stress of ± 90°/m and tensile load of 15N/mm2.

The (N)GRDGOU cable is also available with a yellow outer sheath, with part numbers ending YW. Eland Cables’ technical team is available to provide support in the selection of a cable that meets your requirements, including the (N)GRDGOU, the YSLTOE, NSHTOU drum reeling, and other heavy-duty crane cables including the range of PUR-HF festoon and lift trailing cables for vertical and horizontal reeling. We can also support a customised design as necessary. Please speak to the team for more information.

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Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper


Rubber Compound


EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)




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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S01025BK 1 25 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S01035BK 1 35 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S01050BK 1 50 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S01070BK 1 70 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S01095BK 1 95 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S01120BK 1 120 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S01150BK 1 150 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S01185BK 1 185 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S03035BK 3 35 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S03050BK 3 50 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S03070BK 3 70 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S040040BK 4 4 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S040060BK 4 6 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S04010BK 4 10 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S04016BK 4 16 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S04025BK 4 25 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S04035BK 4 35 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S04050BK 4 50 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S050040BK 5 4 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S050060BK 5 6 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S05010BK 5 10 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S05016BK 5 16 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S12G0015BK 12 1.5 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S12G0025BK 12 2.5 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S18G0015BK 18 1.5 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S18G0025BK 18 2.5 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S24G0015BK 24 1.5 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S24G0025BK 24 2.5 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S30G0015BK 30 1.5 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S30G0025BK 30 2.5 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S36G0015BK 36 1.5 Black
(N)GRDGOU Cable A7S36G0025BK 36 2.5 Black