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AXLJ-F and FXLJ-F 12/20kV Cables

Forming part of Eland Cables’ portfolio of power cables, the AXLJ-F and FXLJ-F cables are specifically for the Swedish market, meeting the standards SS 424 14 16 and SS 424 14 75. With a rated voltage of 12/20kV, these medium voltage cables are available with either aluminium conductors (AXLJ-F) or copper conductors (FXLJ-F).

As with most medium voltage cables, the AXLJ-F and FXLJ-F are designed for external use, suitable for laying direct in the ground. Their polyethylene (PE) outer sheath offers resistance to water ingress, abrasions, and oils, providing a robust layer of environmental protection. The cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation provides protection for the conductors and permits a maximum operating temperature of +90oC.

In addition to direct burial installations, the AXLJ-F and FXLJ-F cables can be installed hanging between poles and pylons. In most cases, overhead applications would be guided towards the AXLJ-F due to the lightweight nature of aluminium over copper conductors.

Both the AXLJ-F and FXLJ-F cables are available in sizes and core configurations other than those stated upon the datasheets and in other voltage ratings including 6/10kV and 18/30kV upon request.

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Construction Table

  FXLJ-F Cable CS FXLJ-F 12/20kV Cable AXLI-F Cable CS AXLJ-F 12/20kV Cable



Class 2 Stranded Copper

Class 2 Stranded Aluminium


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


Semi-conductive tape diffusion barrier in long waterproof


Copper wires and tape


PE (Polyethylene) - UV resistant

AXLJ-F and FXLJ-F 12/20kV Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
FXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1H20KV03010/10BK310/10Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV01050/16150/16Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV0195/25195/25Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV01150/251150/25Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV01240/251240/25Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV01400/351400/35Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV01630/351630/35Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV03050/16150/16Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV0395/25195/25Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV03150/251150/25Black
AXLJ-F 12/20kV CableB1K20KV03240/351240/35Black