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High Voltage Power Cable 2XS(FL)2Y, A2XS(FL)2Y

Eland Product Group: A9K

Application: The HV Power Cables contained within this datasheet are suitable for the primary distribution of power up to a maximum network voltage of 110kV. The cables are triple extruded to the latest IEC standards, using proprietary materials on modern Catenary Line equipment. The Foil Laminate layer provides an effective moisture barrier and also imparts a limited increase in mechanical protection although it should be noted that these cables should be adequately protected from potential mechanical damage. Waterblocking tape options ensure that should the cable be damaged, repair lengths and associated works are kept to a minimum. The cables are provided with a High Density Polyethylene chosen to give the best compromise between abrasion resistance and flexibility to ensure installation confidence. The range can be customised to meet specific project demands should the need arise.

Standards: IEC 60840, HRN HD 632

Conductor: Class 2 Copper or Aluminium Conductor, compacted or segment strand Milliken.

Conductor Screen: Extruded semi-conductive XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

Insulation Screen: Extruded semi-conducting XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

Separator: Water swellable semi-conductive tape

Laminated Sheath: Aluminium or Copper tape with copolymer.

Sheath: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Colour: Black

Voltage Rating U0/U: 64/110kV

Highest Network Voltage Um: 123kV

Max. conductor temperature in service: (Operating temperature- continuous operation) 90

Short circuit temperature: +250ºC

Overload temperature: 130ºC (100h per year max.)

Operating Temperature: -30ºC to 90ºC

Minimum installation temperature: -20

Minimum Bending Radius:
Fixed: 15 x Overall Diameter
Installation: 10 x Overall Diameter

For more information please consult a member of the Sales Team.

High Voltage Power Cable 2XS(FL)2Y, A2XS(FL)2Y

Eland Part Number Conductor Type No. of Cores x Nominal Cross Sectional Area and Electrical Protection# x mm_
# x mm²
Nominal Overall Diameter
Nominal Weight
A9K2XSFL150 Copper 1 x 150/95 64.9 5035
A9K2XSFL185 Copper 1 x 185/95 64.5 5272
A9K2XSFL240 Copper 1 x 240/95 64.8 5742
A9K2XSFL300 Copper 1 x 300/95 65.1 6210
A9K2XSFL400 Copper 1 x 400/95 67.4 7208
A9K2XSFL500 Copper 1 x 500/95 71.7 8322
A9K2XSFL630 Copper 1 x 630/95 75.2 9886
A9K2XSFL800 Copper 1 x 800/95 82.6 12042
A9KA2XSFL150 Aluminium 1 x 150/95 64.9 4128
A9KA2XSFL185 Aluminium 1 x 185/95 64.5 4153
A9KA2XSFL240 Aluminium 1 x 240/95 64.8 4283
A9KA2XSFL300 Aluminium 1 x 300/95 65.1 4397
A9KA2XSFL400 Aluminium 1 x 400/95 67.4 4880
A9KA2XSFL500 Aluminium 1 x 500/95 71.7 5433
A9KA2XSFL630 Aluminium 1 x 630/95 75.2 6064
A9KA2XSFL800 Aluminium 1 x 800/95 82.6 7100
A9KA2XSFL1000 Aluminium 1 x 1000/95 84.7 7795
A9KA2XSFL1200* Aluminium 1 x 1200/95 95.7 8350