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318-TRS Cable H05RR-F

Eland Product Group: A5H

Application: Flexible cords suitable for use in domestic premises, such as kitchens and offices.

Standards: BS6500, VDE0282

Conductor: Class 5 flexible plain copper conductors

Insulation: Rubber compound

Sheath: Rubber compound

Sheath Colour: Black

Voltage Rating: 300/500V

Temperature Rating: -20°C to +60°C

Minimum Bending Radius: 6 x overall diameter

Conductor Identification: Brown, Blue, Green/Yellow

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318-TRS Cable H05RR-F

Eland Part Numbers No. of Cores x Nominal Cross Sectional Area
# x mm2
Nominal Overall Diameter
A5H030075BK 3 x 0.75 7.15
A5H03010BK 3 x 1.00 7.45
A5H03015BK 3 x 1.50 9.10
A5H03025BK 3 x 2.50 10.95