Cable Glands

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Applications Overview

We supply a comprehensive range of cable glands (also known as cable connectors) for the smooth interconnection of cables and equipment. Many of our gland kits come with locknuts as standard, although they are available to buy separately where required. Gland accessories also include O-rings, washers and blanking plugs.
For standard gland applications, we offer the Hummel HSK-K gland, the Ecotec PA, and the A2 brass gland. For fire-rated applications, there is the CX gland, designed for braided cables, and the CXT gland for screened flexible wire braids. With armoured cable, particularly our SWA cable, we recommend the BW gland for internal applications and the CW for external installations.

Where a high degree of chemical and mechanical stability is required, we supply the Hummel HSK-M gland and the Ecotec MS, whilst the HSK-K-EX-Active is for instrinsically safe circuits in hazardous or explosive environments. For electromagnetic protection, our nickel-plated electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/ EMV) glands, including the HSK-M-EMV-D, are designed so that the contact spring connects directly to the copper screen or metallic braid offering protection against the effects of electrical interference.

All our cable glands are rated IP68 for a watertight, hermetically-sealed, connection. Additional high pressure and high temperature protection to IP69K is available on the Hummel HSK range of glands. Glands are available in a wide range of diameter sizes, with either Metric or PG threads.
Eland Cables’ technical team is available to provide technical advice and product accessory recommendations for all of our cables.

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Also Known As

SY Glands (CXT), Outdoor armoured / SWA gland (CW), Indoor armoured SWA gland (BW)

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